We have spent all week making a Queen Boudicca costume for an 8 year old. We could buy one for a tenner but its just not the same is it? Asking an eight year old if they prefer mummies shield (rubbish) or my homemade perfect spear is cruel i suspect, but i won. The reason? “Because i just cant believe you are able to make something so brilliant” Is that a complement or an insult?? It is a very special Blue Peter monstrosity though!

The running is going slow, in that it hurts and i haven’t done enough. The saving grace is that i have done a lot of walking over the last few days so i suppose every little helps! It is a year long project/challenge remember!!  With my fitness as it is at the moment anything more than 30 minutes of exercise leaves me unable to walk for a week. I class myself as healthy, you have never seen nails and hair grow quicker than mine…ha ha. But i would like to feel fit, to feel fitness and to not breath heavy from half hour exercise!!

Has anyone seen the political advert for the green party? If four minutes of TV can sum up the mood of this country then that’s it!! I see the government are trying to take back (Sir) Fred Goodwin’s knighthood and rightly so, the man got rewarded for failure. We are failed by the MPs who rip us off and by bankers who just see pound notes. The result is that we ourselves, our children and maybe even their children will pay for it, while they get away rich! If you employ a 17 year old spotty kid to sell gas door to door for ten pounds per conversion, you see how many he gets. Not all legit as we have seen on Watchdog more than once. Tell me the difference between Goodwin and the spotty kid??


It was my birthday yesterday, 29!! The last year i can say to someone much younger that i myself am still in factyoung. With me not working at the moment (touch wood not for very much longer) i have not been falling asleep till the early hours, so being woken up at 7am with presents and cards made me a mardy git, nothing new there then!! More cards later on at my parents, but i think the highlight must be that i received a packet of chili seeds from the One Show that i had sent off for.  Had a nice drink last nightthough so i’m feeling a bit peaky today. Being in the last year of my twenties doesn’t really bother me, i have friends who really don’t like kissing goodbye to their twenties but i don’t see the big deal. I truely enjoyed mine but i want different things from my life now, personal things!

Right its time for the fancy talk, the gonnas and the ifs too stop. Its the 13th and the day i start properly on the long road to competing in the London Marathon 2010. I am not scared of the challenge, the only thing i am scared of is my life proven ability to not see things through. If i had finished everything i started i would not be unemployed right now, but hey ho! I know my failings and am working hard to change them and myself.

Good luck to Sheffield United in the play-off final, although i wish Burnley much much more!


Me wanting to run a marathon is obviously a huge thing and got me thinking on what else i could do to experience someone elses life. Could i walk around blindfolded for 3 days to experience being blind? Could i made myself deaf for 3 days to experience being deaf? No, i wanted to experience famine…. With my lifestyle changing considerably on the 13th i decided if i was going to do this i had to do it now. I am not condoning this in any way and it was not done to increase or help with weight loss, it was purely  to try and understand what it felt like to be truly hungry. So Thursday afternoon i made myself a sandwich and decided that would be it until i really had to eat again. That happened at 2am this morning. A total of 62 hours and wow it hurt. How people survive for longer periods i have no idea. I have read some articles about women wanting to lose weight fast so decided not to eat for upwards of a month. Its terrifying what they put themselves through. It can make you gain weight more likely than it will help you lose it. Just in me doing it for a very short period of time  made me restless, more temperamental than normal and my stomach really hurt. My body is used to 3 square a day as a minimum….. Anyway i don’t condone doing this and it is a really stupid thing to do. I wont be doing it again. I have no urge to be David Blane…..

Its my birthday on Tuesday and i plan to eat and smoke myself stupid. The day after the work begins…..


Monday a doctor will decide if i can carry on doing this, strange when i haven’t actually done anything yet. Because i am a tuned 22 stone you have to be passed by a doctor before you can carry out a training schedule. Well you don’t but i want to do everything correct. As long as i don’t have to touch my toes I’m sure everything will be ok.

Sorry its short and sweet but nothing else has happened, this blog will warm up once i start too…..

Still waiting on my applications to jobs, hopefully i will hear more this week.


I didnt stay awake for the boxing last night, i just couldn’t. I had swine flu and it was horrible, but waking up this morning it seems to have gone, so that’s good! Either that or i was just too tired to keep my eyes open. Its one or the other…… You tube showed me the fight this morning and i have to say it makes tragic, disturbing viewing. It must have seemed like a sparring match to Paquaio. Our boy Ricky walking relentlessly forward, no head movement, no guard of any notable resemblance. Happy days for Manny, he didn’t have to do much, he landed with over 60% of the punches he threw. A super fight over in less that 6 brutal minutes. Where too now for Hatton? Surely a domestic fight with Junior Witter in front of a packed out Manchester Evening Arena would be the ideal send off. I think his days topping Las Vegas fight nights have passed.

Today could quite easily be the worse day of my year. The other dirty, filthy, red half of Sheffield could be promoted to the Premier League. Its a truly horrible, sickening th0ught for me. Most of the people i know support them and if they do it my phone wont stop all night. I’m praying they don’t do it. Sadly i think they will……….

Feeling quite under the whether today, the other half has had a stomach virus that i now think I’m the disappointed owner of. Chest tight, feel sick. It’s rubbish.


I don’t gamble anymore, but i still love to watch the big horse races, and today was the first classic of the season, the 2000 Guineas. Anyone who watches will know that John Francome is a great commentator and very funny. In one of the build up races they where loading them up when Purple Moon decided he wasn’t going into the stalls, Francome came out with “It only needs a kick up the arse and in it will go, its just being stubborn” to which he was quickly told “you cant do that anymore” Quick as a flash Francome comes back with “Yeah that’s the reason the country is in the state its in” Never a truer word spoken. When someone else said he was a grumpy old sod, his reply was “i wonder who your kids are out mugging” Brilliant !! If you are not familiar with John Francome look him up, he is an ex top class jockey, but is now a commentator, columnist and author. Very funny man!

I now find myself in the month of reckoning, 11 days and i am fully committed to never smoking again and commencing a year long training plan to run the London Marathon in 2010. I am getting more excited by the day, i have had my fill of my rotting away lifestyle. Ill be 30 next year and i don’t intend to be dead or close to dying at 50. 5 years ago i was the fittest i have ever been, around 16 stone, biking 8 miles round trip to work every day and having an active job. I want to feel fitter, to feel more alive to not feel held back by the constraints of being so unfit that when i walk to the shop I’m ready for a sit down. Its pathetic!!

Tonight sees the biggest fight of Ricky Hattons life, his fight with pound for pound the best boxer in the world Manny Pacquaio is a super fight. Pacquaio is a super star, his is currently being hyped up to one day be the future leader of his country Vietnam and who would doubt it. Hatton will have his work cut out but if he can stay in the fight i think his size will show through and he could force a knock -out in the later rounds. Good luck Ricky!!


This morning i was again looking at initial training plans etc and came across a product called hornet juice. A powder that is either added to water or other anti-dehydration drinks that causes your body to turn fat into energy quicker than it normally would. Helps you feel stronger than you normally would and increases your recovery time between each run. It has even been used by some marathon runners at the Olympics. It appears to be legal!!!!  But is it too good to be true? I have googled it and found comments on other posts that appear to say it works. Once i am up and running properly i might order the introduction pack, 4 packs for 9 dollars. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Hope everyone is having a great May day….