I fell asleep at 3am this morning, but not before i was treated to TV that can change your entire thought process and contribute to changing your life. I love to be moved by television, i like to cry and i like to laugh, i like to have the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up and lastnight all three happened. Timothy Spall started it off in “The Street” the story of him being a bloody idiot and his wife thinking she is going to die because she has found a lump on her breast. My mother had breast cancer while she was pregnant with me, so anything around that really upsets me. I cant for one minute imagine what my parents went through mixing feelings of having cancer with the birth of their first child. With me being 6ft 6 and 22 stone im sure the fact my mother had a cesarean was a blessing to her.

Next up was Leonardo Di Caprio’s “The 11th Hour” If you haven’t seen it then its worth a watch. A near on 2 hour docu-film that throws line after line at you of how we should be changing to sustain our existence on Earth. We dont have to save the Earth, that will always be here, we have to save ourselves or we wont be on it much longer. Earth has all the time in the world doesn’t it…? It was a film that made you think, time and time again. For example if we had to put a monetary value on what the Earth does for us for free, it would amount to 35 trillion dollars per year, compare that to the fact that the worlds economy is only worth 17 combined it makes you wonder what the hell we are doing. For every one truck load of produce (something that is made) there are 17 trucks of waste. 99.9999% of EVERYTHING that had ever lived on this planet is extinct, and it usually takes the top of the food chain. Its all being ruined by greed, but then again what isn’t? Everything is geared around growth but our host is unable too. Something has to give….

Then there came Dispatches, about the financial crash. We all know about that so I’m not even going to talk about it. £720k a year pension for failing….

Unreported World was about the coal fields in Jakari, India. Where thousands of families have been pushed out of their farming livelihood and through having no money are forced to live on huge burning fields of coal. Living in complete filth and on the brink of starvation. Working all day steeling coal to carry it on their backs up to 4 miles to market for the equivalent of £1, which will feed the family once per day… The coal combusts because it oxidises with the air and this makes it so hot that eventually it sets on fire, creating and pushing sulphuric gases into the air, people are living among this as i write. I cant remember British coal setting on fire for no reason, but then again i suppose its cheaper from India, isn’t it always…..

In this world you are either a person or property, in some places you are both. We have to change to give things other than human beings rights, if we don’t then we will disappear. Material belongings are destroying us, things are the thieves of time. On the documentary it finished off with a quote from David Suzuki a Geneticist “When i began to look back and say, “what is the fundamental bottom line for us as social creatures?” I couldn’t believe it because it sounds so hippy dippy….but it was love. Love is the force that makes us fully human.”

Sorry for flying well off the point of me running a marathon, but i still hope you enjoyed reading……

Everything is still all geared up to the 13th May…



Today I have been searching the internet looking for a diet and fitness programme that is designed around beginners; we all have to remember that this is a yearlong challenge/project.  At the end of the day I am 22 stone, if I jumped in and started killing myself I would soon lose heart and interest. I am fully committed to this being a slow start and building it up over the whole year. All efforts lead to the final push, if you haven’t noticed by now I love Blackadder, so visualise the final episode of Blackadder goes forth. One whole year till I go over the top, although I think I will have to jump the trench quite a lot over the coming months.

The only exercise I enjoy is the 3 minutes of disappointing the missus every couple of days. If you are overweight you are much more likely to cause injury to yourself if you jump in at the deep end. As I write I am watching “The Biggest Loser” on ITV, if you haven’t seen it, they have taken 6 overweight/obese adults and the aim is to lose the most weight in the quickest amount of time. Now I’m sure they have experts advising on the show etc, but everything I read points towards not going full throttle straight away. On the show they are practically killing them. One guy who is a good foot shorter than me weighs 28 stone; he has put on 10 stone in 4 years. They are making his physically sick with what they are putting him through; I don’t think this sets him up to carry on the lifestyle change in the long run. I think you have to enjoy exercise if you are to carry it on and enjoyment is not something I notice on the show. They look ready to commit murder. Throw in 2 trainers that look like they didn’t make the marines, but only for failing the personality test then you have everything you need for a programme. Finish the show, lose 4 stone in 1 day and everyone goes home happy. My feeling is that in 3 months the weight will be back on and lifting the remote control will again be the daily exercise routine of choice.

After an extensive search of fitness programs for the large, they all recommended a visit to the doctor for a health check before you start. So I will make an appointment and take it from there. Everything is still all geared up for the 13th May…..



After 6 days writing this blog i have found myself onto the Google listings, search “real fat boy run” or “the real run fat boy run” among others and there i am!! Brilliant!! Which means i should now start to receive some organic traffic to the blog, which is the only way it will grow. Starting on the 23rd April my view numbers have gone; 6, 15, 96, 131, 102 and today so far its on 20. I cant really argue with that can i…..?

Today is a recovery mission to get back friendly with my girlfriend, we had a bit of a tiff last night. You don’t need to know the details, but its a long running disagreement between us that usually ends with the same result, me getting a smack!!  To be honest i think she is scared of me losing the 6 stone, being fit to die for and attracting the glares of many more women folk… But i might be wrong so don’t tell her i said that!! I must still be in the bad books because its 1.17pm and i still haven’t had any dinner…..

Depending on how well you know me, you will either be happy or upset to know that the Vietnamese River Cobbler (Pongas) did not kill me. BUT…. I did have my appendix out 3 weeks ago and my other half still thinks its a good idea to punch me square in the belly button. So i do have a pain there this morning, time will tell if its the fish of little motorbikes or punch of little girlfriend. Her excuse is that I’m tall and she is not (i am 6ft 6 and weigh 22 stone, she is 5ft 1 and weighs 6 stone) so when she punches me its the only place she can reach, I’m yet to be convinced. But giving the final words to the fish..It was very nice!

15 days to no more cigarettes and my legs moving for more than a trip to the fridge….


2 slices of toast, a ham sandwich and for tea……………….. Dirty Vietnamese fish apparently, River Cobbler or to give it its proper name Pangas Pangasius, straight from the land of little motorbikes. Bought from Tesco you wouldn’t think anything of it but if you google River Cobbler you will get a hundred sites saying that it has caused illnesses including sickness and stomach cramps. Apparently they are injected with hormones derived from urine… Sound great don’t they. I will not fall for food propaganda, so in for a penny in for a pound, if there are no posts after tomorrow you now know why, wish me luck!!

Maltesers or Skittles? An 8 year old knows, “if you don’t get me skittles ill kill you dead”. Harsh words for someone who also likes Maltesers dont ya think!! So out the bath and into clothes, that never makes sense to me, bath – shorts – tv and nothing else…. Shower and out, fair enough but not bath! Stick my ipod on, nothing gets me to the shop better that Witchita Lineman, although i did walk!! Why am i telling you about my trip to the shop? Because after spending a fiver (£5) on rubbish, its “would you like a carrier bag? 5p please!” Ouch!!!! I never have and never will agree with paying for sodding carrier bags!! Am i tight??? As i write this, Watchdog is on in the back groud, i think they should have something on about the price of carrier bags!!

16 days till i stop smoking and start moving my legs, i have lost nearly 2 stone since i came out of hospital so I’m sure it will start to come off quite nicely when i actually start moving……


Waking up at 1.30pm is not something Paul Kibii Tergat fits into his daily routine. But i have an excuse, time differences! Is it my fault that i was still awake at 6am this morning because the boxing hadn’t finished? Yes i think it probably is, but it was worth it for the brutal 12th round turnaround from Carl Froch to keep hold of his belt and make sure he brought it back to GMT waters. It also meant that i missed the live screening of this years London Marathon, if you are reading this and feel I’m not fully committed to this challenge then wow i couldn’t blame you. Just know that i am, but i never miss boxing. If 3 months prior to the marathon i have a choice between boxing and an early morning run then ill reasess it….

I was up in time for the Eastenders Omnibus though and did get to see Heather sweating her head off running, if you are struggling to picture me then i think the struggle is over! I wonder if the Marathon route passes through Albert Sqaure, it seems a very dangerous place to hang around. Good job ill be running!!

If ever there was need for encouragement i was called fat by my girlfriends 8 year old today, not a great feeling but her hearts in the right place. Little does she know she is doing me good in the long run. She also went on a picnic today and bruised her side. Who says karma doesn’t exist!!

Right im off for some tea and to watch the the delayed Carl Froch fight on ITV 4………………….Again!!


Its a Saturday and Saturdays are all about sport! Grand Prix qualifiers, football galore, rugby and later the big finale will be Carl Froch v Jermaine Taylor in Connecticut for the Super Middle Weight World Title Belt. How this fight is not on TV i will never know. For everything people say about Frank Warren he gets his fighters on the box. Hennessy Sports (who promote Froch) should be ashamed this is not raising Frochs profile. Although if Froch had been promoted by Frank Warren there is no way Froch would be making the first defence of his belt in America against a very dangerous fighter, who is actually favourite for the fight. He would have been wrapped up fighting no marks in Nottingham until he was at least 35-0. All credit to Carl Froch, just make sure you bring that belt home with you.

Being a Sheffield Wednesday fan the LAST thing i want to see is the other half of the city, the red united one back in the Premiership. But as i write this it is looking more and more likely it could happen. Their win against Swansea coupled with Birmingham monumental mess up again Preston has left them in a good position, although its still not totally in there hands they go into the last weekend of the season being the form team with momentum behind them. Anyone who supports Sheffield United knows that if they end up in the Play-offs they will not win them. They never do!!!

The GP threw up  a suprise in that Jarno Trulli got pole position for tomorrows GP, should be a good watch! With Mclaren and Ferrari (yet to get a point) struggling, it proves me to that if you have a good car under you the driver can be anyone. Trulli and  Jenson Button did well to finish last year but this season they look unbeatable at times.

Ill be up in the morning to watch this years London Marathon knowing in one year ill be stood there with them. Just watching the race tomorrow will tire me out!! But ill remember to drink plenty of water as i watch! I have a friend who lives in London going to watch it, as he puts it “Free entertainment is all he can afford after the antics of Gordon Brown & Allister Darling” Was it only me who couldn’t get Blackadder out of his head while watching the budget. All i could imagine was Brown saying “You’ve done a good job there Darling!!”

I was amazing to see i had 15 readers of this blog yesterday and that’s great, it can only go one way from here,  Hopefully anyway!! That’s it for today.



This morning i have been looking at the tens of different charities that are listed to run for. You can run to save the life of a homeless dog, to make sure someone gets saved at sea or to help people suffering from mental health issues. The different charities offer you little sweeteners to get you to run for them, these can be anything from pre-race meet ups and drinks along the way, to a very nice massage and a meal when you have finished. Although i doubt the massage is from a 6ft Swedish blond called Olga!!! If there was ever a way to get me round in less than an hour eh!!! As i am applying for a job with Mind, and fully respect what the organisation does then Mind is currently winning the race as the charity i will run for. Nothing scares me more in life than how fragile our minds are!

Looking at average times to run the marathon, it looks like a normal woman with good preparation would take 4hr 45 mins and for a man 4hr 20 mins. These numbers scare the hell out of me!!! The truely horrifying thought of constantly moving for anywhere near these times is terrifying! Until about 2 months before the start im sure i will have no idea what time i will be aiming for. As it stands if i beat seeing the sun twice i will be happy.

At the moment as it says earlier, i have lumps on my chest that resemble breasts, i believe they are called “Moobs” or “Man Boobs”. So chafing is a big worry. I have no plans to get 2 miles round and start bleeding from aforementioned moobs! Over the next few months i will look into different ways of stopping this happening, with number one being losing weight and them hopefully dissapearing. But failing this, Vasaline seems to be the moobs chafing preventor of choice!

I am cutting back on the rubbish food to the point i can almost say “no i dont eat chocolate or anything anymore” but im not quite there yet, i still want too. It’ll pass hopefully! Everything is gearing up to stopping smoking and getting my trainers moving on the 13th May.