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It was my birthday yesterday, 29!! The last year i can say to someone much younger that i myself am still in factyoung. With me not working at the moment (touch wood not for very much longer) i have not been falling asleep till the early hours, so being woken up at 7am with presents and cards made me a mardy git, nothing new there then!! More cards later on at my parents, but i think the highlight must be that i received a packet of chili seeds from the One Show that i had sent off for.  Had a nice drink last nightthough so i’m feeling a bit peaky today. Being in the last year of my twenties doesn’t really bother me, i have friends who really don’t like kissing goodbye to their twenties but i don’t see the big deal. I truely enjoyed mine but i want different things from my life now, personal things!

Right its time for the fancy talk, the gonnas and the ifs too stop. Its the 13th and the day i start properly on the long road to competing in the London Marathon 2010. I am not scared of the challenge, the only thing i am scared of is my life proven ability to not see things through. If i had finished everything i started i would not be unemployed right now, but hey ho! I know my failings and am working hard to change them and myself.

Good luck to Sheffield United in the play-off final, although i wish Burnley much much more!



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I didnt stay awake for the boxing last night, i just couldn’t. I had swine flu and it was horrible, but waking up this morning it seems to have gone, so that’s good! Either that or i was just too tired to keep my eyes open. Its one or the other…… You tube showed me the fight this morning and i have to say it makes tragic, disturbing viewing. It must have seemed like a sparring match to Paquaio. Our boy Ricky walking relentlessly forward, no head movement, no guard of any notable resemblance. Happy days for Manny, he didn’t have to do much, he landed with over 60% of the punches he threw. A super fight over in less that 6 brutal minutes. Where too now for Hatton? Surely a domestic fight with Junior Witter in front of a packed out Manchester Evening Arena would be the ideal send off. I think his days topping Las Vegas fight nights have passed.

Today could quite easily be the worse day of my year. The other dirty, filthy, red half of Sheffield could be promoted to the Premier League. Its a truly horrible, sickening th0ught for me. Most of the people i know support them and if they do it my phone wont stop all night. I’m praying they don’t do it. Sadly i think they will……….

Feeling quite under the whether today, the other half has had a stomach virus that i now think I’m the disappointed owner of. Chest tight, feel sick. It’s rubbish.


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Its a Saturday and Saturdays are all about sport! Grand Prix qualifiers, football galore, rugby and later the big finale will be Carl Froch v Jermaine Taylor in Connecticut for the Super Middle Weight World Title Belt. How this fight is not on TV i will never know. For everything people say about Frank Warren he gets his fighters on the box. Hennessy Sports (who promote Froch) should be ashamed this is not raising Frochs profile. Although if Froch had been promoted by Frank Warren there is no way Froch would be making the first defence of his belt in America against a very dangerous fighter, who is actually favourite for the fight. He would have been wrapped up fighting no marks in Nottingham until he was at least 35-0. All credit to Carl Froch, just make sure you bring that belt home with you.

Being a Sheffield Wednesday fan the LAST thing i want to see is the other half of the city, the red united one back in the Premiership. But as i write this it is looking more and more likely it could happen. Their win against Swansea coupled with Birmingham monumental mess up again Preston has left them in a good position, although its still not totally in there hands they go into the last weekend of the season being the form team with momentum behind them. Anyone who supports Sheffield United knows that if they end up in the Play-offs they will not win them. They never do!!!

The GP threw up  a suprise in that Jarno Trulli got pole position for tomorrows GP, should be a good watch! With Mclaren and Ferrari (yet to get a point) struggling, it proves me to that if you have a good car under you the driver can be anyone. Trulli and  Jenson Button did well to finish last year but this season they look unbeatable at times.

Ill be up in the morning to watch this years London Marathon knowing in one year ill be stood there with them. Just watching the race tomorrow will tire me out!! But ill remember to drink plenty of water as i watch! I have a friend who lives in London going to watch it, as he puts it “Free entertainment is all he can afford after the antics of Gordon Brown & Allister Darling” Was it only me who couldn’t get Blackadder out of his head while watching the budget. All i could imagine was Brown saying “You’ve done a good job there Darling!!”

I was amazing to see i had 15 readers of this blog yesterday and that’s great, it can only go one way from here,  Hopefully anyway!! That’s it for today.


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