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This morning i was again looking at initial training plans etc and came across a product called hornet juice. A powder that is either added to water or other anti-dehydration drinks that causes your body to turn fat into energy quicker than it normally would. Helps you feel stronger than you normally would and increases your recovery time between each run. It has even been used by some marathon runners at the Olympics. It appears to be legal!!!!  But is it too good to be true? I have googled it and found comments on other posts that appear to say it works. Once i am up and running properly i might order the introduction pack, 4 packs for 9 dollars. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Hope everyone is having a great May day….



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After 6 days writing this blog i have found myself onto the Google listings, search “real fat boy run” or “the real run fat boy run” among others and there i am!! Brilliant!! Which means i should now start to receive some organic traffic to the blog, which is the only way it will grow. Starting on the 23rd April my view numbers have gone; 6, 15, 96, 131, 102 and today so far its on 20. I cant really argue with that can i…..?

Today is a recovery mission to get back friendly with my girlfriend, we had a bit of a tiff last night. You don’t need to know the details, but its a long running disagreement between us that usually ends with the same result, me getting a smack!!  To be honest i think she is scared of me losing the 6 stone, being fit to die for and attracting the glares of many more women folk… But i might be wrong so don’t tell her i said that!! I must still be in the bad books because its 1.17pm and i still haven’t had any dinner…..

Depending on how well you know me, you will either be happy or upset to know that the Vietnamese River Cobbler (Pongas) did not kill me. BUT…. I did have my appendix out 3 weeks ago and my other half still thinks its a good idea to punch me square in the belly button. So i do have a pain there this morning, time will tell if its the fish of little motorbikes or punch of little girlfriend. Her excuse is that I’m tall and she is not (i am 6ft 6 and weigh 22 stone, she is 5ft 1 and weighs 6 stone) so when she punches me its the only place she can reach, I’m yet to be convinced. But giving the final words to the fish..It was very nice!

15 days to no more cigarettes and my legs moving for more than a trip to the fridge….


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This morning i have been looking at the tens of different charities that are listed to run for. You can run to save the life of a homeless dog, to make sure someone gets saved at sea or to help people suffering from mental health issues. The different charities offer you little sweeteners to get you to run for them, these can be anything from pre-race meet ups and drinks along the way, to a very nice massage and a meal when you have finished. Although i doubt the massage is from a 6ft Swedish blond called Olga!!! If there was ever a way to get me round in less than an hour eh!!! As i am applying for a job with Mind, and fully respect what the organisation does then Mind is currently winning the race as the charity i will run for. Nothing scares me more in life than how fragile our minds are!

Looking at average times to run the marathon, it looks like a normal woman with good preparation would take 4hr 45 mins and for a man 4hr 20 mins. These numbers scare the hell out of me!!! The truely horrifying thought of constantly moving for anywhere near these times is terrifying! Until about 2 months before the start im sure i will have no idea what time i will be aiming for. As it stands if i beat seeing the sun twice i will be happy.

At the moment as it says earlier, i have lumps on my chest that resemble breasts, i believe they are called “Moobs” or “Man Boobs”. So chafing is a big worry. I have no plans to get 2 miles round and start bleeding from aforementioned moobs! Over the next few months i will look into different ways of stopping this happening, with number one being losing weight and them hopefully dissapearing. But failing this, Vasaline seems to be the moobs chafing preventor of choice!

I am cutting back on the rubbish food to the point i can almost say “no i dont eat chocolate or anything anymore” but im not quite there yet, i still want too. It’ll pass hopefully! Everything is gearing up to stopping smoking and getting my trainers moving on the 13th May.


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