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Me wanting to run a marathon is obviously a huge thing and got me thinking on what else i could do to experience someone elses life. Could i walk around blindfolded for 3 days to experience being blind? Could i made myself deaf for 3 days to experience being deaf? No, i wanted to experience famine…. With my lifestyle changing considerably on the 13th i decided if i was going to do this i had to do it now. I am not condoning this in any way and it was not done to increase or help with weight loss, it was purely  to try and understand what it felt like to be truly hungry. So Thursday afternoon i made myself a sandwich and decided that would be it until i really had to eat again. That happened at 2am this morning. A total of 62 hours and wow it hurt. How people survive for longer periods i have no idea. I have read some articles about women wanting to lose weight fast so decided not to eat for upwards of a month. Its terrifying what they put themselves through. It can make you gain weight more likely than it will help you lose it. Just in me doing it for a very short period of time  made me restless, more temperamental than normal and my stomach really hurt. My body is used to 3 square a day as a minimum….. Anyway i don’t condone doing this and it is a really stupid thing to do. I wont be doing it again. I have no urge to be David Blane…..

Its my birthday on Tuesday and i plan to eat and smoke myself stupid. The day after the work begins…..



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