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I don’t gamble anymore, but i still love to watch the big horse races, and today was the first classic of the season, the 2000 Guineas. Anyone who watches will know that John Francome is a great commentator and very funny. In one of the build up races they where loading them up when Purple Moon decided he wasn’t going into the stalls, Francome came out with “It only needs a kick up the arse and in it will go, its just being stubborn” to which he was quickly told “you cant do that anymore” Quick as a flash Francome comes back with “Yeah that’s the reason the country is in the state its in” Never a truer word spoken. When someone else said he was a grumpy old sod, his reply was “i wonder who your kids are out mugging” Brilliant !! If you are not familiar with John Francome look him up, he is an ex top class jockey, but is now a commentator, columnist and author. Very funny man!

I now find myself in the month of reckoning, 11 days and i am fully committed to never smoking again and commencing a year long training plan to run the London Marathon in 2010. I am getting more excited by the day, i have had my fill of my rotting away lifestyle. Ill be 30 next year and i don’t intend to be dead or close to dying at 50. 5 years ago i was the fittest i have ever been, around 16 stone, biking 8 miles round trip to work every day and having an active job. I want to feel fitter, to feel more alive to not feel held back by the constraints of being so unfit that when i walk to the shop I’m ready for a sit down. Its pathetic!!

Tonight sees the biggest fight of Ricky Hattons life, his fight with pound for pound the best boxer in the world Manny Pacquaio is a super fight. Pacquaio is a super star, his is currently being hyped up to one day be the future leader of his country Vietnam and who would doubt it. Hatton will have his work cut out but if he can stay in the fight i think his size will show through and he could force a knock -out in the later rounds. Good luck Ricky!!



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2 slices of toast, a ham sandwich and for tea……………….. Dirty Vietnamese fish apparently, River Cobbler or to give it its proper name Pangas Pangasius, straight from the land of little motorbikes. Bought from Tesco you wouldn’t think anything of it but if you google River Cobbler you will get a hundred sites saying that it has caused illnesses including sickness and stomach cramps. Apparently they are injected with hormones derived from urine… Sound great don’t they. I will not fall for food propaganda, so in for a penny in for a pound, if there are no posts after tomorrow you now know why, wish me luck!!

Maltesers or Skittles? An 8 year old knows, “if you don’t get me skittles ill kill you dead”. Harsh words for someone who also likes Maltesers dont ya think!! So out the bath and into clothes, that never makes sense to me, bath – shorts – tv and nothing else…. Shower and out, fair enough but not bath! Stick my ipod on, nothing gets me to the shop better that Witchita Lineman, although i did walk!! Why am i telling you about my trip to the shop? Because after spending a fiver (£5) on rubbish, its “would you like a carrier bag? 5p please!” Ouch!!!! I never have and never will agree with paying for sodding carrier bags!! Am i tight??? As i write this, Watchdog is on in the back groud, i think they should have something on about the price of carrier bags!!

16 days till i stop smoking and start moving my legs, i have lost nearly 2 stone since i came out of hospital so I’m sure it will start to come off quite nicely when i actually start moving……


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